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2024 Special Issue: Framing Dance in the Digital-global

The Asian Dance Journal is seeking papers for the annual special issue on the topic of 'Framing Dance in the Digital-global Era.' Since 2020 dance makers and presenters expanded their use of digital platforms. Digitization of dance is expanding and entering a new stage of development, enhanced through online distribution. In our special issue on 'Framing Dance in the Digital-global Era' we will bring together articles that encompass the changes and challenges of our changing dance ecosystem. We ask, how does the vertical screen of a cell phone, featuring a dance challenge that attracts viewers from all over the world alter the creation and interpretation of dance? How do international dance events held via Zoom affect our experience of dance? How do dance competitions judged by global public votes change dance styles? We are seeking articles that might address concerns such as:

  • How dance is technologically framed by the use of digital platforms for presentation, and how different types of viewers may be attracted by different framing
  • How dance viewing audiences encounter, interact, and appreciate dance differently in the digital format than audiences attending a live presentation in a venue
  • How consideration of the digital platform shifts the creative process for choreographers and dancers, and incorporates new artistic collaborators that specialize in presentation in virtual contexts
  • How technology can be used to enhance dance in new ways for online viewers
  • The role of online dance consumption in shifting understandings and awarenesses of what is dance, and who is a dancer
  • Discourse analysis of dance critics or other audiences encountering online dance
  • Framing analysis of how dance is used in online advertisements
  • Performance analysis of concert-length works performed for a digital audience
  • Ethnographic explorations of the work of choreographers who experimented with online dance presentation in the early pandemic and how their framing of their dance in the so-called post-pandemic era shifted as a result
  • Analysis of dance-related educational efforts, even in conventional lecture format, performed online during the pandemic
  • As well as articles specifically on topics such as dance challenges and viral dance trends

We hope to receive many contributions from researchers on the dance ecosystem framed by the digital-global era. The deadline for submissions for the special issue is May 1st. However, the journal accepts submissions throughout the year on any topic related to Asian dance (in or out of Asia).

Articles are accepted in English and Korean.
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