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Study on the Components of Work to Improve thePopularity of Contemporary Dance Performances 현대 춤 공연의 대중성 증진을 위한 작품의 구성요소 연구 ×
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ISSN : 2383-5214(Print)
ISSN : 2733-4279(Online)
Asian Dance Journal Vol.42 pp.213-234
DOI : 10.26861/sddh.2016.42.213

현대 춤 공연의 대중성 증진을 위한 작품의 구성요소 연구

Study on the Components of Work to Improve thePopularity of Contemporary Dance Performances


Lee, Jihyun


The purpose of this study was to examine the relative importance and priority of the components of a contemporary dance work aiming to boost the popularity of domestic contemporary dance performances based on expert opinions. It seeks to improve the harsh performance environment of contemporary dance, a major problem caused by poor financing, to contribute to dance performances in modern society. In the first stage, a survey of 20 selected dance performance experts was conducted using open-ended questionnaire to determine how to structure a dance work to increase the popularity of contemporary dance performances. In the second stage, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was utilized to carry out a pairwise comparison of the selected components to determine their relative importance and priority. The findings of the study were as follows: Eleven factors were selected as the components of a dance work geared to improving the popularity of modern dance performances, and 31 details were selected. The audience’s consciousness of the choreographer was selected as the top priority, followed by communicability, the completion and composition of work, sympathetic choreography, a communicable repertoire, the superb competence of the dancer, professional direction, diverse forms of work, the professionalism of the staff, public-friendly music, harmonious lighting/stage setting, and eye-catching costumes. If a dance work is based on the choreographer’s philosophy and possesses all 11 components suggested by the experts, it will exhibit artistic value and have popular appeal. Such an excellent dance performance will be fully appealing to the public. This study is of significance in that it investigated the opinions of experts to suggest practical advice on how to create a dance work to increase the popularity of dance performances. However, this study also had some limitations; for instance, the suggestions were only based on the perspective of individuals already engaged in dance performance. Therefore, sustained research efforts should be made to consider the circumstances and perspectives of other genres related to dance performance to enhance the popularity of dance performances.

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