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An Aesthetic Consideration of Ulsan Dutbeki’s Motion Forms 울산덧배기의 동작 형상에 관한 미적 고찰 ×
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ISSN : 2383-5214(Print)
ISSN : 2733-4279(Online)
Asian Dance Journal Vol.50 pp.127-149
DOI : 10.26861/sddh.2018.50.127

울산덧배기의 동작 형상에 관한 미적 고찰

An Aesthetic Consideration of Ulsan Dutbeki’s Motion Forms


Choi, heung-kee


DUTBEKI is a dance which has been most widely performed by public folks in many parts of KYUNGSANGDO. ULSAN is within the cultural sphere of KYUNGSANGDO. This study intends to analyze the motion forms of a DUTBEKI which have been performed in ULSAN district through an aesthetic approach. This DUTBEKI has been transcended from the past according to the customs of public folks. It was diversely grafted into village shrine rituals and seasonal customs derived from agriculture. As to the form of dancing, it could only be seen as a formless primitive gesture, in the process of dancing in the excess of their mirths. But it has an implicit sense of ritual. It also has politeness and stylishness. So, whenever this dancing was performed in a feast, the loud noise died away and village folks held their breath saying only 'good!' as a cheering word. Needless to say, everybody danced his own dance boasting of his own stylishness in a round circle called 'NANJANG'. The researcher has taken part in these village feasts of ULSAN district and enjoyed this dancing together with village folks from 1981 to 2018. As to the method of analysis, on the basis of this field experience and different documents, the researcher identified and sheded the light on the unique traits of flow and repetitive common motions in this dance from aesthetical standpoints. This approach will help to establish ULSAN DUTBEKI as a cultural asset of ULSAN district and give a basis for preservation and transmission of it.

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