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A Study of Choi, Seung Hee’s Dance Tours in USA, Europe, and Latin America 최승희춤, 미국⋅유럽⋅중남미 순회공연 연구 ×
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ISSN : 2383-5214(Print)
ISSN : 2733-4279(Online)
Asian Dance Journal Vol.50 pp.151-175
DOI : 10.26861/sddh.2018.50.151

최승희춤, 미국⋅유럽⋅중남미 순회공연 연구

A Study of Choi, Seung Hee’s Dance Tours in USA, Europe, and Latin America


Han, Kyungja


This is a research of Choi, Seung Hee dance, tour of USA, Europe, and Latin America. The tour of USA research covers the first USA performance initiated in San Francisco 1938 and the second one in 1939 which had purpose of avoiding the European War. The tour of Europe research covers from January 1939 in Paris right after the first tour of USA to the performance in Hague, Netherlands. The tour of Latin American research covers from the performance in Brazil in 1940 to the performance in Mexico after the second tour of USA to avoid the Second World War. The activities in the Communist bloc in Europe after Choi, Seung Hee's defection to North Korea have been excepted from the tour of Europe research. According to Professor Jeong, Byung Ho, Choi, Seung Hee created more than 310 works throughout her life. And it is shown in her own records of conversation that she had over 600 dance work performances during the world tour. Also, Professor Kim, Ho Yeon says that there are more than 600 news articles in The Chosun Daily News, Dong-A Daily News, Maeil Shinbo during the period of Japanese colonial rule. Currently, over 100 studies of Choi, Seung Hee can be found as preceding results. Among these works, performances, recordings, and researches, lots of errors appear when translating expressions of the countries where the performance took place to our expression and when interpreting those translated materials as primary source and analyzing with our method which causes so much confusion to the research when quoting them as well. The motive of this research is to minimize those confusions. Along the process, by translating primary sources from around the world, the unification of expressions in our terminology which Choi, Seung Hee originally used was conducted as well. This research may have some omitted areas since only confirmed information in primary sources was researched. Choi, Seung Hee presented steadily during the world tour and the materials for the creation were about Korea and legends of Japan. She stated in her performance fliers that she is 'Korean Dancer' and also put her Japanese name 'Sai Shoki'. This can be understood as reflection of difficulty of the era. The fliers contain the title, music, and, in most of the printouts, the warning for the copyrights. This can be the pride of her creation and the result of an artist's rights practice. As a result, proposing the pamphlets and evaluation data of each performances of USA tour and proposing the actual repertory and contents of performances by discovering Europe tour pamphlets (Paris and Germany) are considered to be meaningful works in the history of Choi, Seung Hee research.

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